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About Jose is a classically-trained and influenced sculptor based in Los Angeles, CA.

What does he mean by classical? It's easy to tell. Look at any piece of sculpture done by the masters, done before the age of 3D modeling and solid printing, before movies, before photography. At that time, the only way an artist could express their world was through media worked by human hands--drawing, painting, and sculpture. And this was reflected in their works. Sculpture was not just a whim. It was a deadly serious way of expressing the world.

Today, far too much sculpture is done to be reproduced in cheap concrete, to molder away forgotten in someone's backyard, or is being eclipsed by the easy 3D modeling methods. Even very expensive monuments can look forced, unnatural, and rushed.

Jose is bringing back the classical aesthetic, through a concentration on style, method, and technique. He invites you to look at his work, and compare it to the "best of the best" today. He believes it is on a different level.